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About Me

My memories of having my then two year old's photographs taken in a studio are not happy ones - the photographer huffed and puffed as my daughter raced around; I found myself getting panicky and stressed because she wouldn't sit still - it wasn't great! You'll be glad to hear that I fully expect children to run around, and I'm happy to chase them to photograph them - that's my job! Having photographs taken should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience - I will never be able to catch the best of people if they are not happy. Over the past ten years I have worked in a nursery, primary school and secondary school, so I like to think I am used to the entire age range! I like to take photographs in natural light if possible, I can come to your home or can arrange to meet at a place of your choice. A shoot will normally take around an hour and a half. I am also available to take photographs at parties - contact me for details. I look forward to hearing from you!

This picture was taken of me in the St Pancras Rennaissance Hotel in London during a photoshoot I was awarded as a prize for winning the First Direct Picture of Happiness Competition - I would have liked to have taken the camera home with me but they were having none of it!

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